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IAQ Spotlight Survey

The results of the April 2019 Spotlight Infrastructure Sentiment Survey, are now available. The purpose of Spotlight is three-fold:

(1) to better inform the IAQ and improve member advocacy;

(2) to help identify current key issues for the private sector and government; and

(3) to provide a strong basis for informed public commentary.

Read the 2019 IAQ Spotlight Report.

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Spotlight is a longitudinal study, occurring across important sector touch points over an extended period of time. Rolled out periodically, it provides the IAQ with an ability to show the patterns of a survey variable over time and assist us to learn about cause-and-effect relationships. Spotlight can also help reveal ‘sleeper issues’ affecting our member organisations that might otherwise not be revealed

The survey is an authoritative snapshot of the sectors expectations, perceptions and confidence levels. Information gathered from the survey will be used to better inform how we engage with Government and the community on the continuing need for expansion and enhancement of public infrastructure as an essential platform for Queensland’s economic and social development.

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