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Joining IAQ gives you a stronger voice and deeper insights

As a society, how do we agree on the best ways to achieve growth? How do we make the trade-offs that will be necessary to put QLD on a path of recovery and sustainable new growth while judiciously prioritising the right short and long term projects? Correctly, stacking both sides of this leadership seesaw to create a steady rhythm needs good leadership and respectful understanding between the public and private sectors. This balance is something IAQ is collectively trying to achieve.


IAQ will bring you closer to your clients and peers and give you the opportunity to shape our industry now and into the future. We achieve this in four ways: Advocacy, Engagement, Networking and Knowledge.



A Simple Guide To Iaq Membership Benefits

Our industry is an ecosystem. It relies on cooperation and collaboration. IAQ Members are the glue bringing the pieces together to build a stronger industry in partnership with government and community.


providing a sophisticated united and strong voice to government and the media that is highly regarded as evidenced based and operating beyond a single vested interest. IAQ views our industry as an ecosystem operating with and for the communities that are the ultimate client. We are the respected voice for the big issues that matter to our industry and are champions for collaboration.


with regular engagement across policy issues and all agencies we are there for our members. We have three interagency and industry working groups focused on Risk, Delivery, Procurement, Pipeline, Innovation and Productivity with a clear charter for reform and improvement. We are senior influencers in the industry, with access to the decision makers.


we host diverse and interactive events focused on sharing, connecting, learning and development. We co-create events with our members to ensure our energies are focused where our members want them to be. Being part of IAQ is essential if you want to be central to the action and get closer to your existing clients and new clients.


we build understanding across the ecosystem and with communities to help create a sustainable industry for Queenslanders now and into the future. We run taskforces to support the Industry Working Groups’ with government, we undertake relevant research and we generously share knowledge and information across our networks.

If you’d like to talk to us about joining IAQ or have any queries about membership, please contact our Membership and Events Manager, Kim Ellis +61 413 384 429 or [email protected]

For further information or supporting documentation for internal approval process, view our Membership Prospectus.

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