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Next Generation Engagement Project

Stakeholder opposition has contributed to the delay, cancellation or mothballing of some $30B in Australian infrastructure projects in the past decade alone. The Next Generation Engagement Program is a globally leading research program based within the Australian National University Institute which is working to understand these and other challenges and to address the most pressing knowledge gaps regarding engagement, social risk management and social license as identified by more than 80 participating infrastructure organisations during the program’s award-winning 2017 pilot.

Key projects underway within the program include the development of the Infrastructure Engagement Excellence Standards – a world-first engagement standard for the infrastructure sector, the development of the International Infrastructure and Engagment Case Centre, conduct of the annual State of Infrastructure and Engagement Survey and a groundbreaking project to understand how social risks are identified, managed and priced.

Over the next five years, through these and other projects,  the Next Generation Engagement Program aims to develop an evidence base and tools to support best practice decision making in these areas and ultimately to transform the relationship between proponents and communities for the better.

The partnership between the IAQ and The Australian National University will play a vital role in collaboratively addressing industry challenges, and converging interdisciplinary perspective to this research.

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