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Queensland needs plans for building, infrastructure projects

The State Government has been urged to release an economic recovery plan, with a call for more infrastructure and construction projects to keep people in jobs.

The infrastructure industry awaits the Queensland economic recovery plan with much anticipation and some trepidation, the Infrastructure Association of Queensland chief executive Priscilla Radice said.

She warned the infrastructure and construction industries were three to six months behind other industries as the nation enters what the association described as “this bleak and deep recession” but time was running out to keep Queensland building.

Without more projects in the pipeline, the industry is facing new significant job losses soon.

Queensland can avoid losing more jobs in this sector but only if spend is lifted and projects are well chosen and spread across the State in a coordinated manner.

She said the IAQ had avoided providing a list of projects to governments.

“We don’t need more lists –we need the State Government framework for choosing the right projects at the right time to grow our economy and create long-term jobs, Ms Radice said.

“We can’t just build our way out of this crisis – this is an economic recovery not a natural disaster recovery.

“Ultimately infrastructure is for people. Therefore, the projects we invest in need to lift community wellbeing as this benefits the economy, like Cross River Rail.”

“We need a mix of short run and long run projects – small spend and larger spend, local and regional, place-based and interregional projects – that together create a legacy.”

“Queensland has all the resources, business acumen and community spirit to work together and create a bright new future let’s not waste this opportunity,” said Ms Radice.

Dan Knowles, Courier Mail