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The Infrastructure Association of Queensland Inc (IAQ) is working with the infrastructure sector and Governments to ensure infrastructure can remain the lifeblood of our economy throughout this crisis and recovery, with an eye on long term reform. See here for our response to Queensland’s Infrastructure Economic Stimulus.

Read the Queensland Government’s COVID-19 Fiscal and Economic Review figures and initiatives here.

Read the Queensland Government’s State Economic Recovery Plan launched 20 August 2020 here.

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Read our ”Leverage infrastructure for Economic Recovery” Survey Report here.

Watch Queensland Government’s announcement on their plan to help Queensland unite and recover from COVID-19 here.

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Read IAQ Media Release The infrastructure industry awaits the Queensland economic recovery plan with much anticipation and some trepidation.

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IAQ has three platforms in response to COVID-19

1. Advocating to government – IAQ is focused on three tranches in response to COVID-19

  • Response – immediate crisis support to keep some economic momentum
  • Rebuild – prime the economy with accelerated, targeted infrastructure packages
  • Reform – leverage this extraordinary opportunity to leapfrog into a sustainable new world
  • IAQ’s immediate focus is tranche 1&2 as we work with industry and government to accelerate infrastructure projects during recovery.
  • Adjusting current contract and workplace conditions to create workable safe parameters.
  • Encouraging the release of smaller and asset management works across a range of portfolios is important, as well as maintaining existing programs and bringing forward fit-for-purpose business planning on longer term projects
  • IAQ has called for a special infrastructure body to be established to accelerate a program of projects across multiple portfolios with streamlined procurement conditions; we are working with lead agencies on this recommendation.
  • We are involved with the Deputy Premier’s Worker and Industry Recovery Taskforce and the Transport and Main Roads Industry Response Working Group.
  • We encourage all members to reach out to us with ideas and input and we sincerely thank those members who choose to be actively engaged in forming our recommendations.

2. Connecting with members

  • The Taskforces are even more important as our key networking, thought leadership and engagement platforms especially with government leaders during this time.
  • Communications to members are increasing and we are using digital / video content platforms to stay connected to members and ensure we are continuing to deliver value.
  • The CEO has a regular dial in update and member sharing session to help inform and connect our members and the wider industry.
  • The event schedule is paused until further notice, but planning is in place to enact events when we can move forward.

3. Remaining sustainable

  • IAQ is in good shape and we are adapting and re-prioritising initiatives as required.
  • Good governance is in place to ensure we are proactively adjusting to the changing circumstances of COVD-19 pandemic and managing risks appropriately.
  • The operating budget has been adjusted and will be reviewed quarterly to ensure we maintain the appropriate reserves.

Infrastructure can help our economy to survive now and thrive later. Stay safe stay in touch.

More detail on our recommendations can be found below.